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Allotment transfer request and one month sign off notice

Second attempt of normal communications with Owner during money request.

To Master of the m/v “Wonderful”
Ivan Ivanov
From Chief Officer
Petr Petrov

Allotment transfer request and one month sign off notice

Dear Sir, this is to inform you, that after seven months of serving on board I have to express my dissatisfaction with progress of salary payment. Here are the facts:

Five allotment requests were sent by me during period of employment:

- First allotment request of 3000 USD, within less than one month was transferred 3000 USD.
- Second allotment request of 8000 USD, after one month delay was transferred 6000 USD only.
- Third allotment: request of 8000 USD, after one month delay was transferred 4500 USD only.
- Fourth allotment: 10th of November requested 8000 USD.

10th of December one month passed and not yet transferred, same day was resent request again and increased to 9000 USD. Today is 20th of December and still no transfer and no information available. I observe systematical delay of transfers and unreasonable reducing of their amount without any direct and official explanation from Owner. It is clearly understood, that as per terms of contract of employment Master calculates wages accounts every two months, but due to delays and reducing of transfer amount, I have to make one request per month. All requested amounts were already earned and calculated by Master up to end of last completed month. My present balance is 13851 USD - it is more than 3 months salary. I prefer my earnings to be accumulated on my own bank account and to be at any moment available for family needs, without necessity to wait over a month and not being sure which amount will be finally sent.

Also this is to inform you that on 22.12.2011 will be complete seven months of my service on board. As per contract of employment minimal service period for a seaman is eight months. So please consider this letter also as one month sign off notice, as I would like to be signed off on completion of eight months, i.e. after 22.01.2012.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I request the following:

1. Master to sign and stamp the attached copy of this letter as a proof of receipt. This copy will be retained by me for further reference.
2. To pass original of this letter to Owner or to familiarize him with it's content.
3. Due to forthcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, this can make another delay, to speed-up last allotment transfer in full requested amount.
4. Prior to my sign off, beforehand, to arrange transfer of remaining amount in order not to leave this for last days.
5. Keep me informed about Owner's decision and progress of transfer.

In case of all my earnings up to end of this year will not be transferred within next 30 days, I will be forced to terminate my contract from my side and to protect my interests in different way.

Do not consider this letter as an attempt of threatening to you or Owner, or as an attempt of quick sign off. I am really thankful for employing me and giving me the higher salary than for previous chief officers.

I just want to receive my earnings without delays and reducing of amount, in other words to follow terms and conditions of present contract of employment.

Chief Officer
Petr Petrov


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