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Вакансии для моряков

Вакансия для Cook (No.315)

№ вакансии 315
Название вакансии Cook
Город Одесса
Зарплата 1300
Обязанности Сухогруз 5000 DWT Italyan Owner

He is not working on deck but on the cargo vessel the programme of working is to participate at mooring and cleaning every day the following area:
Crew and Officers mess
Prepare Mess during breakfast, lunch and besides cleaning dishes dinner
Kept galley; refrigerators store and dry store in good tide conditions
He must knows to make the bread
Every month is responsible the inventory provision for calculation consumption

Rem: All duties are subjected to changed according SMS Manual
Требования Наличие документов МАТРОСА и базового Английского обязательно
Контактное имя IMMA Limited (Контактная информация)
Размещено декабрь 11, 2008
Дата истечения вакансии декабрь 25, 2008
Вакансия истекает через Истекший статус
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